City Chartbook – Top 100 Asia-Pacific Cities

Since the introduction of globalization to the world's markets, considerable economic power has shifted East. Economies across the world have shrunk and expanded rapidly in the face of financial crisis, political instability, increasing protectionism and shifts in consumer demand and the traditionally predictable growth models of the 20th Century will likely never be experienced again.

Key Highlights

– Historically, Hefei has experienced the highest level of real GDP growth.

– Chengdu has experienced the highest level of population growth since the turn of the century.

– Median household income is highest in Singapore.


– This report is a chartbook, which collects large datasets and displays them as easy-to-understand graphics and charts.

– It identifies the largest cities in a particular geography by 2018 nominal GDP.

– It details the various economic and demographic factors of each city, including extensive historical data ranges and forecasts over the next six years.

Reasons to buy

- Identifies the major economies within each group by nominal GDP and real GDP growth rates.

- Provides data on both historical and forecast per capita GDP.

- Details the employment structure of each included city, split between agriculture, industry and services.

- Details labor force participation rates and population growth.

- Provides data on the number of households, average household size and median household incomes in each city.

- Details the structure of the economy in GVA (gross value added) terms, and provides historical and forecast growth rates.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Real GDP Growth

Real GDP per Capita

Employment Structure

Labor Participation Rate

Population Growth

Number of Households

Average Household Size

Median Household Income

GVA Growth

GVA Structure

Educational Attainment



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