Country Comparison Chartbook – Technology & Communications Indicators: Euro Area

Technology has grown at an incredibly rapid rate over the last thirty years. Since the invention of the first microchip in 1959 in the US, the power and capabilities of technologies incorporating the microchip have increased exponentially every year. In the present day every aspect of the lives of the majority of the world's population is dominated by technology and communication – for the many – is global and instananeous. In the future technology is expected to continue to accelerate and the landscape of the future will be largely unrecognizable.

Key Highlights

– The Netherlands has the largest telecoms workforce in the group, at approximately 267000 in 2017.

– Telecoms investment as a percentage of GDP was highest in the Netherlands in 2016.

– In 2017 Finland had the highest rate of mobile phone penetration.


– Identifies the size of the telecommunications workforce.

– Identifies the proportion of the workforce employed in telecommunications.

– Details investment in telecommunications over time as a percentage of GDP.

– Identifies the penetration rates of both fixed-line and mobile telephone devices.

– Compares the volume of mobile phones to the volume of fixed-line telephones over time and between countries.

– Details smartphone penetration rates.

Reasons to buy

- How large is the telecoms workforce?

- What percentage of the workforce is made up of telecoms workers?

- How has this rate changed over time?

- How high is investment in telecoms as a percentage of GDP?

- How has the investment rate changed over time?

- How many fixed-line telephones exist?

- How has this count changed over time?

- How high is the penetration of fixed-line and mobile telephones?

- How high is the penetration of smartphones?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Telecom Employees

Telecom Workforce

Telecom Investment

Fixed-Line Telephones

Fixed-Line Penetration

Mobile Penetration

Mobile Phone Revenue

Smartphone Penetration



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