Media – North American Industry Leaders: Top 15 Company Financials Chartbooks

In recent years technological innovation has revolutionized almost all markets and industries. This combined with growing political uncertainty, slumps in consumer demand and shifting growth rates in developing economies has thrust many industries and markets into a brave new world.


Details market value and revenue growth rates, both historically and forecast.

Identifies the largest and most important companies in the market.

Compares the growth, in revenue and net profits, of each company over time.

Reviews how successfully each company utilizes its employees.

Considers share prices and their relative fluctuation over time.

Provides a breakdown of each company's performance, reviewing revenue, profit, share prices and the most recent quarterly performance.

Reasons to buy

What is the value of the market?

How has the value of the market changed historically?

How is the market forecast to perform in the future?

What are the leading companies in the market?

How does the performance of the leading companies compare?

How have their revenues and profits changed over time?

How does the share price growth of the leading companies compare?

How volatile are the share prices of the leading companies?

How has each leading company performed on a quarterly basis?

Companies mentioned


The Walt Disney Company


21st Century Fox



CBS Corporation

News Corp

iHeart Media

discovery Communications


Time Warner




Table of Contents


Media Market Segmentation: Market Value

Media Market Segmentation: Value Growth

Top 15 Media companies: Revenue

Top 15 Media companies: Revenue Growth

Top 15 Media companies: Revenue & Net Profit

Top 15 Media companies: Profit

Top 15 Media companies: Net Profit Margin

Top 15 Media companies: Revenue Per Employee

Top 15 Media companies: Share Price

Top 15 Media companies: Revenue vs. Debt

Top 15 Media companies: Companies



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