Country Comparison Chartbook – Employment Demographics: Arab States

The introduction of globalization to the world market has revolutionized the way every economy does business. However the gap between rich and poor nations is widening while those in the middle are growing rapidly as firms outsource labor to cheaper nations, and many Western nations are beginning to see protectionist politics as the solution for their loss of power and control.

Also included is an Excel workbook which contains the raw data used in the creation of the chartbook. Data for all referenced countries is included and covers historical data from 2000 to 2015 with forecasts to 2025. This data, extracted in a raw form, is ideal for deeper analysis and manipulation.


Identifies the largest economies within each group.

Details the GDP of each economy and the size of its workforce.

Provides unemployment rates for the countries included and breaks them down by age group.

Details the proportion of the workforce that is self-employed, broken down by gender.

Provides information on minimum monthly wages, average annual wages and the average length of the working Peek.

provides more detailed data on each country included in the group.

Reasons to buy

What are the largest economies within the group?

What is the nominal GDP of each country?

How large is the workforce of each country and how does it compare to the workforce of the total group?

What percentage of the population is part of the workforce?

How have unemployment rates changed over time, and how are different age groups affected?

How commonplace is self-employment and what is the gender split among self-employed people?

What are the minimum monthly and average annual wages within each country?

How long is the average working week and how has it changed in recent years?

Table of Contents


Country Contributions

The Workforce

Workforce Gender Gap



Wages, Monthly

Wages, Annually

Working Hours

Country Specfific Charts



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