Senior Consumers: Understanding Key Trends Driving Consumer Behaviors

Much has been made of young generations such as millennials setting new consumer trends and how companies should respond, but in reality, there are perhaps better opportunities available to target older generations then younger ones. Consumers over the age of 55 at present have been shown to be more tech savvy than ever, more online and increasingly looking for leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Key Questions Answered:

– Why has this generation got so much spending power over the millennial generation?

– How can they be better targeted with products and advertising campaigns?

– What products really suit the senior age group?

– What holiday, property, technology and retirement products does this group favour?


The ”˜gray dollar’ generation are more likely to own property than any other group, have more liquid capital than any other and are increasingly less likely to save inheritance for younger generations. There are opportunities arising in a number of product areas, including technology, property and housing, marketing, financial products and holidays and leisure. Many companies have yet to realize that they actually have an ideal product for senior consumers already but are failing to maximize the opportunity due to not properly targeting this consumer group.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Grey dollar controls holiday and leisure markets, but it may not dominate forever 2

Businesses have yet to appeal to the ”˜grey dollar’ times may be about to change 2

Property & assets are increasingly owned by older generations 2

Retirement Plans: Looking for leisure in old age and managing finances 2

Seniors are far more tech literate and want tech solutions 3

Grey dollar controls holiday and leisure markets, but it may not dominate forever 8

Seniors are the most valuable customer group, far exceeding their numerical size 8

Government regulatory changes are helping to boost the power of the grey dollar in vacations 9

”˜Grey dollar’ is becoming harder to win due to immediate economic circumstances 10

Rising number of seniors across the world is driving expansion of international travel and tourism market 10

Older consumers in the United States have particularly high influence upon vacation market 11

Whilst the ”˜grey dollar’ is courted now, that may change with time 12

Businessess have yet to appeal to the ”˜grey dollar’ times may be about to change 14

Major retail brands are increasingly appealing to older consumers, but doing so is not without challenge 14

Appealing to desires of senior consumers, rather than age, will unlock spending potential 15

Focusing upon age does not help companies access the ”˜grey dollar’ 16

Marketing to seniors needs to be matched in product development and the retail environment 17

Property & assets are increasingly owned by older generations 19

In the UK in particular, seniors own a great deal of property 19

Equity release industry is becoming big business 20

Second properties are becoming increasingly common with older generations 21

As many nations age, it is wise to focus property construction on seniors 22

Senior property market is developing but much more can be done 23

Retirement Plans: preparing for old age and managing finances 25

Dementia has no cure and is absorbing social care budgets 25

Implementing solutions to pensions crises is tough but necessary 27

Innovative pension products are beginning to form that could help senior consumers be more affluent 28

The Pension Dashboard scheme could help to keep senior consumers more knowledgeable and affluent 29

Many pension companies are trying to put their products in better software forms 30

Robo advice could be a solution to avoid large fees from a financial advisor 30

Seniors are far more tech literate and want tech solutions 31

Communication technology designed for over 65-year olds is a growth industry 31

Many of the latest devices are perfect for seniors, but not marketed as such 32

There are more apps for older consumers than ever before 32

New alert technology allows elderly people to stay at home, keeping many out of care systems 33

Internet of things is changing how care is delivered to an aging population 34

Remotely taking doctors into homes: technology streamlines treatment of elderly patients 35

Mobility presents growing business opportunities for innovation 36

Some companies are beginning to recognize the opportunities 37

Key Findings 38

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Millennial Consumers: Understanding key trends driving consumer behaviors, (2018) MarketLine Theme Report 39

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List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 1: UK travel and tourism market value ($bn) 2010-2017 8

Figure 2: George Osbourne, Budget announcement 2014 9

Figure 3: Millions of Chinese citizens aged 65-years and over, 2000-2016 11

Figure 4: Millions of UK citizens aged 65 and over, 2000-2016 12

Figure 5: Helen Mirren, L’Oréal advert 14

Figure 6: Daphne Selfe, Drapers 15

Figure 7: Saga ”˜Keep Doing’ campaign 17

Figure 8: Ford ”˜third age suit’ 18

Figure 9: Percentage of age group that owns property in UK 19

Figure 10: Price to earnings ratio UK, annual median salaries new and existing property 1997-2017 20

Figure 11: Total UK property ownership by age group 21

Figure 12: Median value of assets for household by age 2017,$ 22

Figure 13: Moving concerns of over-55s 23

Figure 14: McCarthy and Stone retirement property options 24

Figure 15: Total UK weekly spend on recreation and food & drink by age group 2017 ($) 25

Figure 16: UK spending on dementia care by source 2015 ($bn) 26

Figure 17: Population over 65 estimates by 2050, key countries 28

Figure 18: UK’s Pension Dashboard Project 29

Figure 19: Standard Life online servicing 30

Figure 20: Percentage of recent internet users by age UK 2011-2016 31

Figure 21: Apple i-watch SOS function 32

Figure 22: Apple i-watch SOS function 34

Figure 23: Specialized Turbo Vado e-bike 36

Figure 24: Specialized advertisement for the Turbo e-bike 37


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