Amazon Fresh: UK Online Food & Grocery industry to be disrupted following Amazon entry

Towards the end of 2007, Jeff Bezos of Amazon began experimenting with the idea of online fresh food delivery to customers in set regions of the United States. Nine years on and the online retailing giant has now launched the service in 128 postcodes within the UK, beginning its entry into the UK food market in June 2016. Quite brutally, this is Amazon's last mile quest for total retail domination when observing the number of sectors they now supply products in. The strategy has created instant worry for the large players dominating the industry with the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s reviewing their own online food options, pricing and technicalities as they fight to maintain market share. Amazon's move into the online food segment is still in the early stages; however, any retailer should be apprehensive by what Amazon invests its capital and infrastructure in, as the company is not short of quick successes in industries that are new to them.



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UK Online food industry shows potential, appeals to Amazon whose entry increases rivalry

Current market performance is strong with further growth forecast

Offline is larger but online growth is faster

It is an attractive market for Amazon indeed

Rivalry set to increase

”˜The Giant has arrived”¦ Save us!’

Amazon Fresh has steadily expanded

Amazon Fresh beats competitors on price

Lower prices you scream? Let’s shop from there!

Not all praise for Amazon Fresh since launch day

Fresh is in the name, but early signs say otherwise

Turning up at customers door steps when nobody is home

Established brand provides opportunities to build supplier base & offer unique propositions

Amazon brand shows signs of growing subscriptions as it continues strategic moves

Fast growing Prime subscription is a must for Amazon Fresh

Just another Amazon category

Good supplier network is vital

Branded products alongside local fresh produce

Morrisons grabs a second chance with Amazon Fresh

Other suppliers have recently started supplying Amazon

Fresh brings faster delivery, lower overheads and more experience

”˜One hour delivery’ gives Amazon a head start

Experience is more valuable than anything else

More flexibility and lower overheads

Future of Amazon Fresh looks bright but it must prepare for a rocky road

Predictions that are based on US performance will strongly differ in the UK


Amazon Fresh is due to cause disruption but that is as far as it may go



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Figure 1: Online and Offline segment market value (£bn)

Figure 2: UK online food retail market share 2015 (% of total value)

Figure 3: Amazon and Tesco price comparison

Figure 4: Amazon Worldwide Prime subscription memberships in millions (Dec-13 Jun-16)

Figure 5: Amazon Fresh delivery drivers in preparation for deliveries


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