German Car Manufacturing in 2016-17: Developing circumstances require dynamic response

The German car manufacturing industry has been hit by several major incidents in 2015/16, including an emissions scandal involving Volkswagen, slowing growth in the Chinese market, Britain which is Germany's largest car export market voting for Brexit, and a potential Trump run US post the elections in November 2016. Increased protectionism and slow growth in the worlds largest car market can have a serious impact on German car manufacturers. It is not all doom and gloom for the industry though as falling crude oil prices and fast growing car markets in other Asian countries should prompt a dynamic response from German car manufacturers, wherein they should target new markets and cater to their demands and needs to replace any real and potential losses that have or are to be suffered in Germany's more traditional car export markets.


 Analyzes the key events that are effecting German car manufacturers in 2015/16

 Explores the ways in which German car manufacturers can respond to these events in 2016/17.

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What are the events affecting German car manufacturers in 2015/16?

How should German car manufacturers react to these events?

Which markets should German car manufacturers target as growth in the Chinese market slows down?

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Major events affecting the German car manufacturing industry

Protectionism on the rise possibility of greater barriers to trade increase in post Brexit Europe.

Demand for stricter emissions tests fails in Euro Parliament VW however still facing tough times post the emissions scandal

Falling crude oil prices should boost car sales.

Stagnating growth in world’s largest car market China, car manufacturers should target other Asian countries with fast growing car markets.


Increased legal & financial barriers a serious threat whilst falling crude oil prices & a more ”˜lenient’ emissions testing method should boost car sales.


German manufacturers will have to adopt dynamic approach to face challenges in 2016-17.



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Table 1: Top 5 German passenger car export destinations

Table 2: Top 5 car manufacturers by market share of new registered passenger cars – Europe

Table 3: New passenger car registrations by continent

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Figure 1: Britain votes for Brexit

Figure 2: Crude Oil Prices


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