Cloud Services in Europe: Trends in Ecosystem Development and Services Integration

Cloud services integration: a new role for service providers to With traditional IT applications and services reinvented for the cloud, new solutions are being discovered that help to eliminate barriers with secure and optimized access to public clouds. The new relationships that is being created between companies are expected to leverage the technology and commercial innovations of those involved and help to manage and integrate hybrid IT resources efficiently.

Enterprise cloud adoption is already widespread. The majority of organizations have already deployed at least some application workloads to the cloud. This report focuses on four areas of significance that are driving innovation among communications and IT service providers in Europe in 2015.


Assessment of the key trends in cloud market.

Analyzing the growth of the cloud services and the biggest drivers.

Identification of future developments within the Cloud Services market.

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Cloud market evolves

Service providers are making investments in commercial and technology development to make cloud adoption easier and to stand out from the crowd

Cloud services are gaining interests

Cloud service evolved to become a value bringing product

The cloud service use is gaining momentum

Europe saw many newly forged partnerships in combining strategies technologies and channels of cloud providers

Could services access markets through ecosystem development

Demand pushes cloud services for integration

Telcos are helping enterprises to manage and integrate

Professional services and automated tools are helping enterprises move traditional applications and services to the cloud.

Cloud is used to embrace digitization


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Table 1: Implications of cloud connectivity approaches in Europe for service providers and vendors

Table 2: Implications of cloud service ecosystem development for service providers and vendors

Table 3: Implications of cloud service integration for service providers and vendors

Table 4: Implications of cloud service transformation for service providers and vendors

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Figure 1: Europe cloud services provider moves Q1-Q3 2015


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