Autonomous vehicles: The coming insurrection

The technology required to produce an autonomous vehicle already exists in specific circumstances. The challenge is to make self-driving cars viable in all locations, conditions and situations. Whilst the solutions to these challenges feel temptingly close, there are significant barriers to widespread adoption. Nevertheless, many expect autonomous cars to be on the roads in the next decade.


An easy to understand, but detailed explanation of how autonomous vehicles actually work.

An assessment of the key suppliers, players and buyers in the autonomous vehicle industry.

A detailed analysis of the potential positive impact of autonomous vehicles.

A detailed analysis of the potential negative impact of autonomous vehicles.

Reasons to buy

What are the key technologies involved in the production of autonomous vehicles?

Who are the key suppliers, manufacturers and potential buyers of autonomous vehicles?

What are the most important future themes and questions that will develop over the next few years in terms of self-driving cars?

Will autonomous vehicles have a positive or negative impact on society and the economy?

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Combining technologies to great effect

Better than human perception?

Connected infrastructure and mapping essential

Artificial intelligence secret to success

Key suppliers gaining first mover advantage

Parts and systems

Maps and navigation

Network and communications infrastructure

Insurance and content providers

Key players setting out respective visions

Incumbents keen to stay in the game

Tesla quick to capitalize on new technologies

Google re-imagining mobility

Key buyers can already be identified

Road freight transportation as an initial market

Private owners to retain manual option

Fleets of fully autonomous cars for transport and delivery


Paradise envisioned by banks, technologists & advertisers

Creative destruction key to economic development

Cost savings, productivity growth and all round efficiency windfall

Liberating transportation for all people

Safety to increase under robot control

New job types will form in fresh industries and expand existing enterprises

Only limitations are technology and regulation

Risk of dystopian catastrophe, say naysayers

Privacy and security under threat

Product hierarchy a danger to safety

Technological meltdown seen as inevitable by some potential consumers

High costs of job destruction


Robot cars coming sooner than you think



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